Tomtom Map update

Tomtom Map update

update tomtom Go 530

How can you Update TomTom Go 530 Map?

TomTom is one of the best GPS providing companies in the market which helps the users in locating a particular location without any kind of hassle. There are numerous solutions that the device of TomTom provides to their customers and all the devices are very unique due to their features.

TomTom Go 530 is one of the devices offered by TomTom to the customers and it is very necessary that the users might need to perform Tomtom Go 530 Map Updates. There are numerous methods through which the users can perform this issue but it is very necessary that the users must follow the correct steps to perform the activity of Tomtom map updates.

To help the users in the best ways, we have provided some steps that would help the users in the best way and they would also allow the users to complete the 530 Updates Map. It is necessary that the users must follow the steps in the best way so that they can complete the process without any hassle. The steps are very prominent and can help you to Fix Tomtom 148 Error issues too.

Steps to Perform TomTom GO 530 Map Updates

To help the users in the process, we have provided two different types of methods. Both the methods are effective and they offer complete solutions to the users and would also help the users to get solutions for the query of How to update tomtom Go 530 map.

Method 1:

  1. To perform the process, you need to extract files from the Speed cam Updates zip package.
  2. In case the file you have downloaded is not a ZIP file means the file is already decompressed. In such a situation, you can continue with the next step of these installation instructions.
  3. Now, you need to connect your TomTom GO 530 device to your PC using a USB cable.
  4. Wait for the system to detect the device and once your system has detected a new external storage drive you have to browse to the map folder.
  5. To identify the map folder you need to search the map according to the country code.
  6. You must copy all the files you extracted before into that folder.

And once you are ready to disconnect your TomTom GO 530 device from your computer, you must restart your device.

In case, these steps do not provide the results then we have provided some more steps to help the users. These steps should only be followed by the users when the above-mentioned steps do not work properly. These are effective steps that you can perform easily as we did earlier to update the tomtom map for better results. 

Method 2:

To perform this method, you need to save everything from the device and using Explorer you must include all the files.

  1. Now, you need to format the internal storage of your device. To perform so, you must use the COMPLETE format, not the quick process.
  2. After that, you must go to the TomTom home page.
  3. Now look for manage my “DEVICE” option.
  4. After that, you must delete everything from the hard drive and try the update again.
  5. Once you reach this point, you might need to disconnect the device a few times and switch it ON/OFF to enable it to Setup some important stuff.
  6. Once done, you need to copy your voices and postcodes back to the device.

So, the above-mentioned steps will be helpful enough to perform the TomTom GO 530 Map Update. In case, you face some kind of issue in the steps or you require some kind of help in the process to Perform TomTom VIA 1625M Update then you can visit our website and get solutions. We have published many blogs on our website form where you can learn and perform the TomTom Go 620 Maps Update easily that will help you with the best and accurate result on your device.


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