Tomtom Map update

Tomtom Map update

Update TomTom 930 Go Map

How can you Update TomTom Go 930 Map?

TomTom GPS Device is perhaps the best GPS giving organization in the market, which helps the clients by offering an assortment of items which can be introduced in their autos, trucks, and different vehicles. There are numerous solutions that these products provide to the people, and while using the devices, every user must keep the maps updated so that they provide accurate information to the users. Numerous websites offer the steps for TomTom 930 Map Update, and everyone must follow the steps that would take them to the solutions instantly.

TomTom 930 is a device provided by this company for the use of ordinary people. It’s easy to use the tool and provides complete support and help to the users by providing detailed information about the routes and roads that they are willing to visit.

There are times when a user might face some issue in the working of the device, and it would also affect the functioning of the equipment. While facing any problem in the invention, a user must visit our website and get complete solutions for the issues they are facing. You will likewise discover steps to Update TomTom GO 530 Map in the blog segment of the site.

Steps to Update TomTom 930 Map

Method 1:

To start with the process, you need to extract files from the zip package which you will download from the internet.

  1. Now, have a look at the folder, and if the file you have downloaded is not a ZIP file, it means the data is already decompressed, and you can continue with the next step.
  2. After that, you have to connect your TomTom 930 device to your PC using a USB cable.
  3. Once you are done with it, wait for the system to detect the device.
  4. As the system detects the device, it will be represented as an external storage drive in the system
  5. You need to browse to the map folder in the machine.
  6. To ease your search, you must look for the country code, and you can identify the map folder because its name is composed using the country code.
  7. Once you have found the required folder, you need to copy all the files you extracted before into that folder.
  8. As the process of copying completes, you will be ready to disconnect your TomTom 930 device from your computer.
  9. Once you have disconnected the device, restart your TomTom device.

So these are a few stages that would enable you to play out the movement of TomTom 930 Map Update. All the steps are unique, and they provide complete solutions for the issue. In case, this method does not work; then you can try the next process.

 Method 2:

To start with this method, you need to make a complete backup of your unit’s contents before you do anything.

  1. The easiest way is by using Explorer instead of Home.
  2. As you are done with the above steps, you need to update your firmware
  3. To know about the version your device is using tap the satellite bars.
  4. As you will do so, the next screen will show the version number.
  5. Now, you need to connect the unit to the computer and start Home
  6. As the device start, it will offer updates for the product.
  7. Once you see the updates, click on them and let them download in the system.
  8. Once the download completes, you must install the updates in the device, and your method will be straightforward to use.

So these are the means that would help you in the process to Update TomTom 930 Map. Every one of the methods is impressive, and they offer total answers to the issue. On the off chance that you face a few problems with the means then you should visit the official site.


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